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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Order of St. Jerome / Hieronymites

The image for my blog is of monks of the Order of St. Jerome, also known as Hieronymites. They began as a community of hermits in the 13th century at about the same time as the Carmelites. My habit is similar to the Hieronymites' so here I post them; and also to let you know about them too! I was introduced to the Order through their former monastery, now UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 'Mosteiro do Jeronimos' (Monastery of the Hieronymites) in Lisbon, Portual (See below):

Check them out at: ,
in Spanish only.

Also at :)

Friday, April 3, 2009



Contemporary ideas of social justice are centred upon the concept of individual rights and freedoms. While individual rights and freedoms are an excellent ideal to aspire to as a society these ideas also demand personal responsibility. It is at the point of personal responsibility that Western societies are failing to uphold the standard of not only “Freedom”, but also “Justice for all.”[i]

The Western world in the last fifty years has seen significant advances in human rights for women, and for minority groups in particular. Yet, at the same time that rights are being advanced for certain groups the very foundation of human rights is being eroded by the denial of the right to life for unborn members of our society; the most defenceless humans.[ii] The modern concept of human rights is founded upon the Judeo-Christian view that humans have an inherent dignity and value in and of themselves, not because of what they are able to do or what they possess. This view of human life has been held by the Church since its earliest centuries, and came to influence Christian civilisation profoundly in both East and West.[iii] It is the place of the Church and of all believers today, to preach, by action and word, the news of God’s love for humanity in our best friend and saving God, Jesus, the second person of the Trinity.[iv]

Today the Church is the primary voice speaking for the Rights of All on the global stage, and the clearest voice speaking for humanity’s most vulnerable is that of our Holy Father, Benedict XVI. We, as Jesus’ body on earth,[v] are called to preach the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus, “in season and out of season”.[vi] Our Holy Father has been aggressively criticised in recent months and years for uncompromisingly preaching the message of Jesus as expressed in the orthodox teaching of the Catholic faith. Yet again and again Pope Benedict states simply, and concisely, the teaching of the Catholic Church that a just society is built upon the Law of God, the Law of Love that brings True Freedom and Justice for All.[vii]

The Church teaches that each human being is created in God’s image and has inherent dignity, value, and a purpose in creation that only she/he can fulfill.[viii] Every life is therefore important and to be treasured as beyond price, from conception to natural death.

By contrast, if human life has no inherent dignity or value then we as a society leave it to the state and social elites to determine who it is who has the right to live, who must die, and when they should die[ix], ie. in old age, when ill, or showing signs of disability before or after birth.[x] We have already seen the consequences of this world view in the atheistic totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century.[xi]

The Good News of Jesus, and its synthesis in the teaching of the Catholic Church are an absolute affirmation of life and authentic human freedom:

"The protection of human life [at all its stages]

is the "rock solid and inviolable" foundation

upon which all other human rights are based."

- Benedict XVI[xii]

Asking Jesus for the most profound communion with God that is possible, let us pray that our Father would unite us to Himself so that each one of us may be his face, hands, and heart for the world. May we, in union with the entire Body of Christ, contribute to the building of a more just society wherever it is that He calls us. In doing so we will reveal the love God has for all humanity, and we will leave a more beautiful world as an inheritance for our young, and many generations to come. Jesus will bring all our hopes and prayers to bear much fruit for God’s Kingdom.[xiii]

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[v] “Christ has no body now but yours
No hands, no feet on earth but yours
Yours are the eyes through which He looks
compassion on this world
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”

– St. Teresa of Avila, Carmelite mystic and reformer. .

[vi] 2 Timothy 4:1-2

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So I'm going to try to commit to the blog now.
What's there to say? My day is praying... hanging out on days off from work. Sending my notes and emails. Eating, sleeping.

Today I walked through the centre of this metropolis and saw many worlds again. I've decided that the best part of the metropolis core is the cinnamon bun seller :)